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Fleetwood Gets Excused

SafeT Phone
A text conversation with SafeTinspector.
616272XXXX: Don’t forget we will meet in the e classroom for sam test. The e classroom is in the lower level of the library. Please be on time.
SafeT: Pardon?
616272XXXX: What do you mean Fleetwood?
SafeT (now Fleetwood): I don’t wanna take the sam test. Can I exchange it for a personal favor or extra credit?
616272XXXX: No. mandatory for all students. No one see your score except teachers.
SafeT-Fleetwood: I have a personal medical reason not to attend. What do you recommend?
616272XXXX: What is it. Can you share?
SafeT-Fleetwood: It is…personal. I have an Inguinal hernia.
616272XXXX: Ok. We will do it another day.
SafeT-Fleetwood: Thank you so much. Let me know if there is anything-ANYTHING-I can do to repay you.
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