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This world is beginning to gray for me a bit.
I’d thought I was OK, but that feeling has begun to pass.
The days where my daughters are gone are empty and meaningless.
I live like an animal in my house, using only three rooms and one of them is the commode.
I eat WAY too many raisins; I’m regular in a strictly biological sense.
I get headaches from the nitrates, but the bag of raisins is a convenient way to gain weight back.
I was HOT two years ago. I swear it is true! It didn’t do me any good then.
I am growing horizontally again.
Its not a plain plane, but a plane that I spread myself over. The smear a passing man makes if you leave the shutter open too long.
Too bad I’ve no sparklers here.

Posted in random by SafeTinspector on March 9th, 2013  |  3 comments

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