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The Literal Tree and A Metaphorical Rabbit

I love the scrubby little tree that peers down onto I96 from the train overpass. I imagine it is surrounded by happy weeds that are too short to see over the retaining wall; unlike the tree, they can have no idea that hundreds of thousands of souls pass underneath every day. If the tree told the weeds what it saw, they could never understand.

Once, I read the universe is like a magic trick, and we are fleas living on the rabbit as it is being pulled from the hat. We don’t see the magician, or the hat, or the audience; there is no miracle when all you see is the world at the base of the hairs on the rabbit.

That tree on the overpass has climbed to the end of a whisker on its rabbit and is looking down into the hat.

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Where Else Can I Tell the Insecurities To?

I’m pretty screwed in the head when it comes to my music.
Typical list of conflicting thoughts:

  • I think my music has zero merit
  • I think maybe it has merit
  • I want to somehow make people to listen to it and like it
  • I fear that people will feel imposed upon to listen to it.
  • I hate my inability to get better at it
  • I think that I call it an inability when its probably laziness
  • No one except for my nuclear family cares or wants anything to do with me and the music I make can’t help but show off how much this is true

I might add more.

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So Its Back

The Buffalo NAS I was running SafeTinspector on died, succumbing to entropy.
I had to comb backups and, in one instance, grab copies of some of the data from the WayBack Machine in order to put the data together.
And after a slap-dash installation of WAMP stack onto a recycled Dell, I’m up again.
I’m not sure when, but I do plan on SOME change or another.

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Fleetwood Gets Excused

SafeT Phone
A text conversation with SafeTinspector.
616272XXXX: Don’t forget we will meet in the e classroom for sam test. The e classroom is in the lower level of the library. Please be on time.
SafeT: Pardon?
616272XXXX: What do you mean Fleetwood?
SafeT (now Fleetwood): I don’t wanna take the sam test. Can I exchange it for a personal favor or extra credit?
616272XXXX: No. mandatory for all students. No one see your score except teachers.
SafeT-Fleetwood: I have a personal medical reason not to attend. What do you recommend?
616272XXXX: What is it. Can you share?
SafeT-Fleetwood: It is…personal. I have an Inguinal hernia.
616272XXXX: Ok. We will do it another day.
SafeT-Fleetwood: Thank you so much. Let me know if there is anything-ANYTHING-I can do to repay you.
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Kess the Cat

Kess the Cat We adopted Kess at the age of ten months from the Macomb animal shelter at the end of last year.

    Her shots were up to date, she was fixed, solidly built and active. Thick, course fur with spots and stripes and a loud, almost Siamese, voice.
    Nervous around children, she really only bonded with me and tended to avoid the girls–though she would visit Sam in the night and pounce on her stomach to wake her up. She made friends with the dog, meowing and rubbing against his legs in greeting. Often I would hear her playing in the office, juggling a beaded hair scrunchy while rocking wildly in a toy rocking chair. I regret I never recorded her doing that.

Friday, July 19:
    We came home from my parents and I let the dog out.
He was happily scampering around, pissing on everything, as we gathered our things from the car and went inside. I ducked into the office, which adjoins the kitchen and is separated by an archway, to drop off my computer bag. It was then that I found Kess laying next to the kids’ toy-box, as if she were resting a bit after playing with the scrunchy.
    I thought she was sleeping, so I called her name… She didn’t move.
    I touched her and she was stiff.
    She wasn’t contorted, looked for all the world like she was asleep.
    I didn’t manage it well. In a some amount of shock I cried, “Oh, no, Kess!”
    Sam and Riley ran to see what was wrong and were therefore confronted with our loss without any type of warning or gentle easing. Soon, there were tears all around, made worse by the shock because we didn’t know she wasn’t well. Almost immediately Sam took Pitstop the dog for a walk, “I need to go for a walk. I need to be alone!” she said. I let her go, trusting the dog (80lbs of big-and-black) to keep her safe.
    Riley cried and cried, I sat her in the kitchen for a moment and ran down into the basement to get a towel to cover Kess with and when I came up Riley said “I think I heard her purring.”
    Maybe I was blunt, and I definitely didn’t stop to think much when I told her, “that’s not possible, Kess is gone, she can’t purr,” and that set her off again. I don’t know that I handled it right, but my instinct is to be honest.

You want to read the rest of ‘Kess the Cat’ so CLICK HERE!

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The Survivors Are the Ones Who Suffer

Because they can anticipate.

Oh NO pancacke puppies
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not everything distasteful can be an acquired taste
at times i suspect i am one of these things

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about these

you’ll hate em
you’ll hate me
I need you take em
’cause I’m wrong maybe

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Another worthless superpower

All my lab accidents lead to super powers that can’t be weaponized. For every “can read minds” or “super strength” there’s a million of us that can “hear the color yellow” or “clairvoyant only regarding the location of hidden turnips.”

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On The Subject of Gnome Slaves

There are no known unowned gnomes. Nor are there any unknown owned gnomes. No gnomes at all, really.

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Mission Statement

It is not the relish that makes this hot-dog so delicious, it is the zeal!